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Who Are Lions?

Lions are like-minded men and women in your town or area who are committed to helping the citizens live better lives and to help make your town a better place to live and work.

With almost 1.5 million volunteers globally, Lions Club International, or Lions, is the largest humanitarian organization in the world. Lions aid the blind and visually impaired, aid the deaf and hearing impaired, support youth initiatives to build strong character and end bullying, feed the hungry, address global epidemics like diabetes, come to the aid of communities when a disaster strikes, and are committed to filling other community needs throughout the world.

Because we're local, we can serve the unique needs of our communities and because we're global, we can address challenges that go beyond our borders. Because of our numbers we can help to influence a positive change both locally and around the world.  

When it comes to meeting challenges our response is simple: "We Serve". It's something that unites Lions around the world. We help whenever, wherever, and however we can.

Would you like to join in the changing of someone's life for the better? If the answer is Yes please email to get in contact with a local Lion and start that change today.

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