Ocoee Lions Club


Ocoee Lions Club Officers for 2020-2021

Ocoee Lions Club (L to R):  Lions Katelyn, Tracey, Brittania, SVDG Glenn Brown, Melissa, Mike, Diane, Dennis, Scott, Julio, Russell, and Gail.

2020-2021 Ocoee Lions Club Officers:
  • President: Lion Melissa Tanner
  • 1st Vice: Lion Brittania Rodney
  • 2nd Vice: Lion Jim Sills
  • Secretary: Lion Russell Ackerman
  • Treasurer: Lion Tracey Tanner
  • Lion Tamer: Lion Scott Williams
  • Tail Twister: Lion Diane Isaacs
  • 1 Year Directors: Lion Fred Wilsen and Lion Mike McEvers
  • Membership Committee Chair: Lion Julio Ochoa
  • Club Administrator: Lion Cathy Sills

Ocoee Lions Club Officers for 2019-2020

Ocoee Lions Club Officers (L to R):  Lions Jim Sills, Brittania Rodney, Steven Van Varick, Diane Isaacs, Melissa Tanner, Mike McEvers, and Scott Williams.  Not in the picture: Lions Tracey Tanner Cathy Sills and Kimberly Huffman (not able to attend meeting).   

The Ocoee Lions Club is proud to announce our elected officers for 2019-2020.  The following officers were installed on Monday, June 10th:

  • President: Lion Melissa Tanner
  • 1st Vice:  Lion Brittania Rodney
  • 2nd Vice:  Lion Jim Sills
  • Treasure/Financial Secretary:  Lion Tracey Tanner
  • Recording Secretary:  Lion Rosemary Wilsen
  • Administrative Secretary:  Lion Cathy Sills
  • Club Administrator:   Lion Cathy Sills
  • Membership Chair: TBD
  • Marketing Communications Chair:   Lion Melissa Tanner
  • Lion Tamer:  Lion Scott Williams
  • Tail Twister:  Lion Diane Isaacs
  • 1 year directors:  Lions Cathy Sills, Mike McEvers, and Steven Van Varick

In additional we want to thank the officers from 2018-2019 and let you know we appreciate all of the work you do and have done.